Portable Storage

Portable Storage

Parent company Trachte Building Systems’ Portable Self-Storage Container is designed to provide the self-storage owner/operator with a durable yet economical solution for moving and storing -- without the burden of franchise royalties or dealership fees.

The steel container is shipped unassembled in kit form, allowing for more units to be loaded per truck and reduces shipping costs. Detailed instructions outline the assembly of the container and are included with every order. Typical assembly per container takes two people one day. Contact Trachte for a list of qualified contractors to assemble the containers, if needed.

Trachte offers a variety of container models: 5' stackable, 12' stackable, 12' non-stackable, and 16' non-stackable. The smaller container is designed to work with truck-mounted forklifts for flexible delivery in tight spaces. For larger storage capacity, the 12' and 16' containers may be delivered using a standard rollback recovery truck.

Contact your Tech-Fast/Trachte representative for more information, or visit Trachte’s web site to learn more about portable storage.

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